Hangman Games is back

Back in 1998 when Hangman Games first began publishing board games, personal computers were expensive, graphic design programs like CorelDraw(R) were in Version 3.0, and Kickstarter was not yet a gleam in anyone's eye. This was the world into which Hangman Games took the plunge. After releasing nine games, we decided to cease manufacturing our own games and, instead, began licensing them to others who brought them to market. Now, some 15 years later, Hangman is returning to the world of self-publishing.

Our first series is the DecaDesign Project. Enjoy!

Hangman Games welcomes you to our DecaDesign Project.

The project consists of ten new games, one release of exactly 100 copies every ten months.

DecaDesign Project #1 is now available. If you have already registered, you will receive an email with payment information. If you have not yet registered, go to the DecaDesign Group page and fill it out.

How the DecaDesign Project works

Every ten months, we will release a new game.

  1. Register by going to the DecaDesign Group page and filling out the form. For the first game, the first 100 people to join will be invited to purchase the game; additional people will be added to the wait list.

  2. When the game is ready to ship, you will be contacted by email. The email will include payment information through our Paypal account.

  3. As soon as your payment is received, your game will be shipped. All our games are shipped by USPS Priority Mail.

  4. If you choose not to buy the current game, your name will be moved to the wait list for future games and an invitation will be sent to the next person in the queue.

Jewels of Puerto Primo

Now available, the first game of the DecaDesign Project is Jewels of Puerto Primo.

After crowning himself the “Greatest Pirate of the Caribbean,” our new King Prime, his Queen, and the Princess are out to amass a personal hoard of jewelry greater than the collections of the royal houses of Europe. You represent pirate ships trying to make the greatest profit selling to the new “royal family.” King Prime has ordered jewelry to be brought to him made out of seven different types of gems (ruby, topaz, citrine, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite, and amethyst) in seven different settings (1-ring, 2-earrings, 3-bracelet, 4-brooch, 5-necklace, 6-rosette, and 7-tiara). He has ordered two copies of each piece of jewelry with the exception of rings, brooches, and rosettes for which he has only ordered one copy (it’s primarily a pirate thing). After a year of selling jewels to the family, if you can sail away with the most doubloons you win.

84 Jewelry cards

16 Goal cards

100 metal Doubloons

End of the game