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Hangman Games
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Who are we?

Be on the lookout for these two varmints. They're none too savory and we'd like to see them apprehended soon.

Alan Wanted Poster

Kurt Wanted Poster
Hangman Games is the collaboration of game designer Alan D. Ernstein and computer guru Kurt Adam.

Alan is a full-time artisan and Renaissance Man, who works in glass (stained and etched), wood (furniture building and design), and paint (he has an M.F.A. in Scene Design).

In his other lives, Kurt is a Unix system administrator and manager, a professional musician, and a frazzled commuter on the Washington, DC beltway.

Both Alan and Kurt are avid gamers, voracious readers, cat people, listeners and producers of a diverse array of music, and are committed to producing strategically challenging, quality board and card games in the European tradition.

Please feel free to let us know how we're doing.

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